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Igor Novikov at iForum-2021 on the threats society is facing today

September 22, 2021

ALLATRA TV reporters visited iForum-2021 and talked with the co-organizer of this event, the head of SingularityU Kyiv Chapter, speaker, and head of the “Future” stream Igor Novikov. iForum is the largest offline conference in Ukraine dedicated to the IT industry, which annually brings together all the key figures in this area. This year, they considered topics related to business and government automation, global trends in the development of the Internet, mobile technologies, robots, IoT, virtual and augmented reality.

“The main message we were trying to convey to this world, which has completely changed, is that adaptability is a key skill to be learned,” says Igor Novikov about the main message of the event.

Indeed, today artificial intelligence is dynamically developing and robotization and automation of various spheres of human activity are taking place. Igor Novikov spoke about the benefits and risks of a society in which robots will replace humans in professions: “In the world where there is total digital unemployment, but there is, for example, an unconditional basic income, investing and so on, everyone will be happy, much happier than now. But, on the other hand, we need to come to this world, this transitional period is extremely dangerous. Why? Because the old is collapsing.”

Игорь Новиков - соорганизатор iForum-2021

Igor noted that representatives of almost all professions existing today can find themselves in an extremely unpleasant life situation. After all, within 20 years at most, many of them will disappear or become completely different, and you have to think about what new skills you need to acquire.

“And it's not just technology but also the change of behavioral patterns in society and climate change that threaten. There is a period of turbulence, and this adaptability is essential.”

Nevertheless, Igor is sure that people should not work monotonously, so mankind always looks for a way to automate labor: “A successful person appeared not to survive. He appeared in order to live, create, and solve some difficult problems.”

ALLATRA TV reporter introduced Igor to the International Project “Creative Society”, the goal of which is to create such a safe and stable world in which everyone is provided with everything necessary for a dignified life. At the same time, a person will be able to work less and develop more, engage in self-knowledge and creativity. In this case, the latest technology really helps people become creators. When asked how Igor sees a world in which people will live comfortably and where automation will become not a risk, but an advantage, he replied that before talking about society, it is necessary to talk about a human . It is important to understand who a human is, on an individual level. Then it is necessary to change the world in which we exist. “I would recommend the following: first change yourself, and then talk about society. Because a broken person will never build an ideal world, he simply will not see it.”

Игорь Новиков со съемочной командой АЛЛАТРА ТВ

On July 24, 2021, on the ALLATRA IPM platform, the International Online Conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone”, which outlined the inevitable changes in all spheres of life. How ready is society for the coming changes? How can humanity survive and move to a completely new format of society? Watch the broadcast to find out the answers to the most important questions!

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