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Interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov about the Creative Society

July 19, 2020

On June 22nd interview with Igor Mikhailovich was released on ALLATRA TV where he spoke about the Creative Society, what it could be, and how humanity can achieve it. And now the interview is release with English dubbing!

Every person who strives towards it more than once asked many questions. What can I do right now? How should I act to get closer to our common goal? How can I take part in creating a society where every person will live freely and with dignity?

In the interview, Igor Mikhailovich gave answers to questions which we, the people, ask ourselves every day, which are very important to every one of us.

An interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov about the Creative Society

Also in this programme Igor Mikhailovich revolved each of the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society with real-life illustrative examples which show that it is easy and realistic to create such a society. 

  • What should be the conditions to build a Creative Society, where the life of a Human, his rights, and freedoms are the first priority? How can we achieve it as soon as possible? 
  • What is the society’s self-governance? 
  • What is the role of a Human in the formation and development of the Creative Society?
  • What perspectives for the society does the Creative Society open up?
  • How the format of the Creative Society can change the life of every person, his family, kids, and grandkids? 

Why has our society become the way we see it now? Because conditions have been created which push people to express their negative qualities. Thus, changing conditions will change people’s behavior. In this video, Igor Mikhailovich shares how we can create these conditions where every person will be interested to express his best traits, take care of those around him. After all, he won’t be afraid of his own well-being and safety. The Creative Society is a society where Human being is at the center and life of every Human being is of the highest value.

Today we have an invaluable tool in our hands, guidance for action. We can take it and build a happy future - the Creative Society.

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Comments (7)

  • The A.I.'s will be doing all of the jobs...so we (the non bots) had better get busy and get creative!
    21.09.2022   |   00:17
    Creative society is very necessary.
  • Mehran saeidi
    16.04.2022   |   03:47
    Hi, I am really interested in and love to meet Mr.IGOR MIKHAILOVICH DANILOV and Ms. Zhanna in person.
  • Brenda
    15.01.2022   |   21:37
    If only our world was like so. In my opinion this is all true. If everyone was treated equal there would be less crime and no homeless. Also it would probably stop the the crisis of world destruction.
  • Život
    06.05.2021   |   08:56
    Chtěl by asi každý žít věčně......
    01.12.2021   |   01:24
    We need to call upon God , the Creator of this world
  • Deep Narayan Choubey
    21.12.2020   |   05:01
    Great Development work. Thanks all
  • Diana
    07.10.2020   |   15:51
    Amazing program, inspiring, and so needed. I love how Igor M. Says my consciousness told me throughout my entire life, that creative society is not possible, but every day he woke up and created step by step a positive vector of society! THANK YOU!
  • Igor
    20.07.2020   |   10:19
    Thank you all for making this interview. We can definitely build creative society together!