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How and why can people unite into the Creative Society? An interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

December 28, 2021

More and more people are learning about the Creative Society (CS) and its 8 Foundations every day. And as they learn about it, they ask: How can they unite and where can they start their journey to CS? Why to unite at all? What are the prospects for uniting human society in a creative way? What stages should people pass on the way to CS?

In the video Creative Society unites all, Igor Mikhailovich explains that it is impossible to build the Creative Society without the unification of people. And since the construction of Creative Society is beneficial to everyone, the transition will be smooth and will allow us to build CS in a peaceful manner. Why does it have to be done? In the light of the upcoming disasters, the creative format is the only way for all mankind to survive.

“Everyone is looking for a super idea now, a supranational idea, a uniting one. And no one has this idea, not in a single country of the world, and will not have because the only idea today is the idea of peaceful existence, the idea of what all people want… And what do all people want? All people precisely want the Creative Society,” says Igor Mikhailovich. And he reminds that 8 Foundations of the Creative Society were formed from people's desires, their vision of a happy world. This large-scale survey of thousands and thousands of people was conducted by volunteers of the project for 9 years around the world.

The goal of building the Creative Society is to improve the life of every person and guarantee a better life for future generations in peace and prosperity. And the first step to build Creative Society is to inform. All people must learn about the Creative Society, and then they will be able to unite around this idea. To do this, it is important to start sharing this information, talking to other people in spite of our fears and doubts. The main thing is to make people aware that the main value in the Creative Society is each person's life (as it is said in the first Foundation), and this guarantees an improvement in its quality and conditions.

“There should be no power over a person in the Creative Society at all. No one has the right to have any kind of power over other people. And this should be enshrined in law. And not just enshrined in law — we should support it,” emphasizes Igor Mikhailovich. Any power corrupts a person, even the best and most honest one. That is why the goal of CS is to keep power in the hands of people and not to delegate it to anyone else. Then Igor Mikhailovich told in detail about the stages of realization of the Creative Society, after the information stage:

  • How to join the Creative Society project.
  • What an electoral platform is and how it will work.
  • What politicians will be elected on the electoral platform, what they will do and how we can monitor their work.
  • Implementation of the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society into the laws of countries around the world, etc.

Life in the Creative Society is a happy life, which we, people, are building for ourselves. Each step can be realized in the near future, but we need to start now. Tell all your family, friends and acquaintances about the Creative Society and its benefits. Give everyone an opportunity to have the life they deserve, just talk to them about CS. And remember: on one side of the scale there is the world which is dying of global disasters, and on the other side there is our happy future in the Creative Society. What will you choose?

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  • giovanni alesi
    06.09.2022   |   06:01
    sono interessato a saperne di piu