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Harbingers of the last days in modern realities

May 28, 2021

If it seems to you that humanity still has a lot of time ahead, then this is not so. Our civilization today is experiencing the End Times, which are spoken of in all the Scriptures. All the prophets warned us about this time and we find confirmation of this in different religions of the world. Today all humanity faces a choice, and only now we have a unique chance to change life for the better. 

This is exactly what the speaker of the conference “Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of” geologist and geophysicist Elizaveta Khromova speaks about, giving convincing evidence and facts.

“One of the signs of the last days, according to the Bible prophecy, will be that there will be plenty of life in the Dead Sea in Israel, and its waters will be made healthy. And there will be plenty of fish in the water”, Elizaveta says. Then she talks about another harbinger of the last days, which is mentioned in the Qur'an: the transformation of the desert into flowering pastures along which rivers flow.

Елизавета Хромова о последних временах

What do we see in today's world? The Dead Sea is being desalinated, and fish have appeared in it, the deserts are flooded with rain and bloom.

“Some can think that this is great, the Dead Sea is coming to life and the desert is blooming, but this is a very bad sign”, Elizaveta says. She says that the showers, the number of which has increased many times over in recent years, are also signs of the End times, as they write about in the hadith of the Qur'an. Karst sinkholes and sinkholes that unexpectedly appear even in settlements, many times increased in number and magnitude of earthquakes throughout the planet — these are scientific facts and our realities. There is enough information about them in open sources today, and they are all harbingers of the Day of Judgment, according to the Scriptures.   

Elizaveta said in her report that the cause of all climatic changes is an astronomical cyclical order that occurs on Earth every 12,000 years. The apocalypse that may follow at the end of this period is described by many religions as a climatic collapse, after which nothing living will survive.

“BUT ALL PROPHECIES are Dual! And this is the only one of two scenarios for the development of events. Do we want the Doomsday scenario to come true? Not! Then everything is in our hands", Elizaveta Khromova says.

The alternative path for people is the Creative Society. And making the right choice is our responsibility. We can stay idle and wait for the day of judgment or unite and search for solutions together, help each other, redirect resources and advanced technologies into a creative channel, create a world where the life of each person comes first.

Find out how we, humans, can implement this scenario in the full version of the conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed Of”.

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