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Visiting the Muslim community in Dnipro city at the Uraza-bayram holiday

Dnipro, Ukraine
June 4, 2019

On June 4, 2019, the ALLATRA TV team visited the Uraza-bayram holiday in the Muslim community of the Dnipro city. The celebration of the end of the abstinence, which continued during the holy month of Ramadan, began with the morning prayer (namaz) and was renewed with warm, sincere communication in which the community shared their knowledge of true Islam, its essence for all people, their life experience and understanding, and the unity of all people regardless of nationality, social status and religion. In a friendly conversation, Muslims shared their awareness that true human qualities, such as: conscience, honor, kindness and Love, should be the primary principle in the relationship between all people.

The next day the celebration of Uraza-bayram continued in the Central Lazar Globa Park, where Muslims from different countries, as well as representatives of other cultures and religions, provided to the residents of the Dnipro city, an opportunity to know this rich and colorful culture more closely.

Sincere communication and treating with the national dish, created a friendly and cozy atmosphere where everyone could feel one with all, and that we are all close in Spirit to each other. And as one of the  participants said: “We are all children of one Creator, let's love each other and treat yourself and others with respect

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