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Collaboration between the Indian channel Prajaatantra TV and ALLATRA TV

September 10, 2020

The Indian TV channel Prajaatantra TV began Collaboration with the volunteer Internet TV ALLATRA TV, and actively joined in spreading the idea of the Creative Society around the world.

The Prajaatantra TV team was inspired by the international live broadcasts that are carried out daily on ALLATRA TV as part of the Creative Society project. They wanted to create the same inspirational releases that broaden their horizons and bring people together. Now live broadcasts and interviews with public people, professionals from various fields, and socially active citizens of India are being held together.

Reporters from India take part in Breaking News. Prajaatantra TV also started broadcasting ALLATRA TV programs on its channel. This is an example of interaction based on the desire of all people to live in a kind, harmonious world, where a human, his life and needs are the main priority for society.

How did Prajaatantra TV get to know ALLATRA TV?

The first acquaintance with Prajaatantra TV employee Deepak Kumar took place on Live Conversation, to which Deepak was invited by members of the ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Deepak is an active member of the community, India's youth ambassador to the International Youth Parliament. He believes that every person, if possible, should take care of and help others, because when everyone does this, our world will change for the better. We all need to understand how valuable the contribution of each person to the development of our society is.

When Deepak found out that there is international television, on which volunteers, people from all over the world, in their free time, cover relevant information in a creative way, then he happily began to participate in the projects of the movement. This inspired him so much that he shared the idea of a Creative Society with his colleagues on Prajaatantra TV. They also supported it and now take part in broadcasts on ALLATRA TV.

Deepak Kumar on collaboration between Prajaatantra TV and ALLATRA TV

On the air of the ALLATRA LIVE news release, Deepak spoke about the many positive responses from viewers to the new programs on their channel. And he shared his inspiration from the collaboration of Prajaatantra TV with ALLATRA TV.

“I am very happy to be a part of the ALLATRA TV team. I liked the idea that people can unite and become one big world, I liked 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. And I realized that we can work together. So we started to collaborate — ALLATRA TV and our TV channel.

Through working together, we can increase the amount of peace on the planet. Therefore, we joined the initiative and decided to help spread the idea of the Creative Society around the world.

It is great that there is ALLATRA TV — people who send the right message to society. There is an opportunity to hear and see it for people all over the world. We are now receiving good feedback from people in India who are watching your episodes on Prajaatantra TV. 

We are very glad to collaborate with ALLATRA TV, we are glad about current and future projects. I am happy and proud to be part of the ALLATRA family. As already mentioned, one life, one humanity, we are all united, we are all together. India actively supports the Creative Society project.”

About the value of human life

Prajaatantra TV employees also take part in Breaking News broadcasts as eyewitnesses. They cover the current urgent situation in their region. So one of the topics of the "Breaking News" was the climatic events in India. In this broadcast, Deepak spoke about the value of human life and the importance of uniting all people:

“We must always remember that we are human beings and we must provide assistance to each other.

I would like to give you an example of how now, we can stick to each other and unite.

Talking about the value of human life in the Creative Society, we need to understand and help each other. We all have only one life and each person is important.

We must create a world that is based on the value of human life. Therefore, I sincerely believe that we work for people.

We need to learn from other peoples, study their cultures and the history of the whole world, because a lot of knowledge can be found in the cultures of different countries. Thanks to ALLATRA, we are united into one. We are all one world, we are people and we have one chance."

Deepak stressed the importance of the actions of each person. After all, when each of us consciously takes responsibility for himself, then we, as a society, grow and become stronger in achieving a common goal — gaining a life that is filled with joy, understanding and love for each other.

The idea of building a Creative Society inspires people, they start to act and we see examples of unification and international interaction. Regardless of distance, time difference, and different languages, people work together every day to make the Creative Society a reality for every person. And thanks to the actions of the people themselves, this idea spreads throughout the world.

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Comments (2)

  • Brenda Mendes
    29.12.2020   |   05:46

    Excellent initiative by Be Positive India.

    Would like the journey of Creative society and Allantara TV and would be happy to be a part of the interviews initiatives.

    Tatyana Motsna
    08.01.2021   |   19:27

    Brenda, participants of CREATIVE SOCIETY will be glad to contact you and make a broadcast together for you to share your envision of creative society. Please write to [email protected] its official email of the project.

  • Deep Narayan Choubey
    21.12.2020   |   05:04

    Nice discussion. Thanks all