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The beginning of the era of humanity's unification

January 15, 2022

On the eve of the New Year holidays, everyone believes and waits for a miracle. It seems that everything around us, even the air, is filled with miracles. This is a special time when we look back over the past year and prepare to enter the new one with new strength and aspirations. We looked back as well, and saw that in fact the miracle is already happening to us, thanks to the people who are implementing it with their own hands. Every day brings us closer to the building of the Creative Society.

My participation in the project made me possible to see how numerous we are, which means that we have a real chance to become united humanity. Understanding the importance of what is happening generates great gratitude for the fact that we are living at this time, that we have a chance to change the world and build the Creative Society. This has been a crucial year, and we want to take stock of what we have already done.

The year 2021 was productive for us, filled with valuable life experience, significant events, interesting meetings and acquaintances. This served as a stimulus to move forward, implementing new ideas. Each next step spawned a chain of large-scale and unprecedented events. We saw a wave of creativity sweep across the world and lay the foundation for the unification of people on the planet for the future of all humanity, peace and prosperity.

Four international online conferences organized by volunteers from around the world, were held in 2021:

  • "The Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of"
  • "Life After Death. Fictions and Facts"
  • "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone"
  • "Global Crisis. Time for The Truth"

These events provided an opportunity to openly and honestly discuss important global issues of society. The conferences showed the real scale of the climate and ecological crises, the impending threats to all humanity. The truth about the consumer format of society: slavery, violence, corruption, inhumane living conditions for refugees, was revealed.

Thanks to unification of people, religions were purified, and the Truth which had been brought by all the Prophets, was restored in its purity.

All of these events were based on the most important thing — the unification of all humanity to build the Creative Society and for the sake of our common future.

Throughout the year, participants contributed enormously to the realization of the information stage of the Creative Society project, conducted hundreds of thousands of social surveys, interviews, and attended many cultural events.

On the Creative Society channel, there were many international roundtables and discussions where people expressed their positions, discussed climate and environmental issues, global crises, and ideas for implementing the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. Many inspiring music, social videos, and unique documentaries were published.

The inner desire to live in love, happiness and mutual understanding, to live in the Creative Society, unites millions of people from all corners of our planet. And this is a sincere choice of each person in the name of Life and our future.

New Year is a time for fairy tales to come alive, for gifts and joyful smiles. Let's continue together making our dreams come true, and in 2022 let's do even more and build the Creative Society in which love flourishes. Indeed, the power of love can work wonders!

Happy New Creative year, friends!

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