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Arnold Schwarzenegger disappointed his fans

March 2, 2022

On his social media, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted an appeal in which he announced his participation in the fifth Austrian climate summit, which will be held June 14, 2022 in Vienna.

"The problems we will try to address during the summit require urgent solutions. By uniting, we can save the planet," Schwarzenegger said.

But Schwarzenegger's fans voiced their disappointment and considered his words insincere. After all, just recently, people around the world invited him to participate in the international online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth", which highlighted climate issues and hot-button issues like slavery and migration. But Arnold ignored the invitation. The displeasure of the fans did not go unnoticed, as reported by numerous media outlets.

The conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth" was organized by volunteers from 180 countries who acted with an understanding of the gravity of what was happening. For four months they actively invited the world's stars, because the voice of those who are listened to by millions is very important. But practically no one responded. It begs the question: what is more important to them than the future of our planet? Perhaps they are interested in high-paying events? Now people understand who cares about the future of mankind sincerely, and for whom it is just another PR campaign!

On May 7, 2022, the forum "Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live" will be held. Very soon we will see which of the world's stars will hear people's requests and support humanity with their participation. After all, now, when millions of people are suffering from climate disasters, it's time to act! It's time to forget about your mercantile interests and become a true hero. One who uses his popularity and the support of his fans not only to enrich himself, but also to make sure that people can hear the saving message of the importance of uniting and building a Creative Society!

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Comments (2)

  • James B
    28.10.2022   |   14:43
    Unfortunately, movie stars, celebrities, sports personalities etc are concerned about their projected false image of themself. These personalities will only attend conferences/events that will inflate their ego and give them the facade of doing something. In my opinion these personalities will not support a creative society or be connected in any way to a creative society as they owe their fame, fortune and stature based on the consumerism modal.
    I look out the window and I see Humanity fall. When no action nor, will to enact is apparent.
    Creative Society is a world I have dreamed of, thought of and would want to be a part of, however reality of the human today makes any breakthrough in collective conscious, towards living as a Human in Unity unlikely.
  • Саша
    09.03.2022   |   12:40
    Очень обидно, что на человеческих жизнях и дальше продолжают наживаться