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About Creative Society at the TikTok bloggers festival

May 27, 2021

In March 2021, Moscow hosted the first global music festival for TikTok bloggers where young performers in the music and show-business showed their talents and new opportunities.

Journalists of the ALLATRA TV International Online Television visited the event and asked festival participants how they envision a Creative society. At this large-scale event, organized by the multimedia platform TikTok and MUZ-TV channel, trend makers and popular performers showed their talents and new opportunities. They also expressed their opinion about the responsibility of public people to their viewers and audience and what values they promote with their creativity. In addition, they talked about the modern world trend - the Creative Society.

Global music festival for TikTok bloggers TikTok Bloggers Festival

XARISTA: "When you get a lot of followers, you get great responsibility. And a public person must always remember that."

GINA: "The most important thing is respect, honesty and understanding because by respecting each other, we can have a good connection. Without this, nothing will work."

Global music festival for TikTok bloggers Global music festival for TikTok bloggers

 Interviews from the TikTok Bloggers Festival

VITZHAY: "It doesn't matter how many followers you have - a million, two million or three, the main thing is what kind of person you are. Because the most important thing is the people in our world ..."

LAPKA: "A popular person should bring something good to this world, help people, inspire them."

NATALIA TEREKHOVA: "Love each other because love is a very big feeling that brings positivity."

Global music festival for TikTok bloggers Global music festival for TikTok bloggers

TikTok Bloggers Music Festival

The global trend "Creative Society" has no boundaries, age, race or religion. It is rapidly winning the hearts of all people living on our planet. The views and opinions of TikTok bloggers confirm this.

REPORTER: "We are here today with very creative people who cannot sleep at night because they want to create. And we understand that the whole world wants to live in a Creative society. There is a global trend where people say that they are tired of wars, conflicts, and propose to create instead. Can you describe the world in which everyone is happy, comfortable, safe and free to create?"

ROMAN SELIVANOV: "Of course, I can see a world in which people are happy ... where they are open in their thoughts, in their creativity."

MICHELLE: "As for me, a Creative society is a society that consists of people who do their job, love their job and are devoted to it, who strive to achieve goals and love every person in their life."

Global music festival for TikTok bloggers Global music festival for TikTok bloggers

TikTok bloggers about Creative Society

BONBON: "Thank you for informing me about this. I was dreaming about it once that it would be cool to live in a place with no religions, races, and so on, where everybody is united. And you have now embodied it. It is very cool".

REPORTER: "How to build a world without borders, where people will respect each other, treat each other with love and understanding, where we can develop technologies for the good of society available to everyone?"

AZYKOWICH: "Of course I don’t know how to create this, but it would be so cool when everyone would have equal opportunities and any information technologies available to everyone. Unification is very cool."

Global music festival for TikTok bloggers

Interview about Creative Society ALLATRA TV at the festival ofTikTok bloggers

YAN GORSHENIN: "It seems to me that this is the whole meaning of humanity - to preserve and increase what has been given to us. Heaven on Earth should be here, not there. A Creative society is all of us..."

GINA: "The ideal world of our dreams is not a utopia. We can make it environmentally friendly and clean if we all unite. A world without crime, corruption, and a clean environment. And I would like my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-great-grandchildren to live in such a world. And for my part, for the part of my media, I will make every effort to achieve that. After all, who, if not us, are laying all these foundations now?"

The world is rapidly changing, redirecting the trends of the 21st century into the direction of creativity and solidarity in order to build a Creative Society - a sustainable global society in which the life of every person has the highest value, where love for people and the whole world shines with splendor. We, people, are not going to let history repeat itself because we have an opportunity to give history some new and unprecedented turn. And when we, humanity, unite, we will create a paradise on Earth.

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