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国際オンライン会議 「死後の世界。フィクションと事実」

2021年5月22日 | 15:00イギリス時間
For the first time in history, scientists, physicians, representatives of different religions and eyewitnesses will search together for the answer to this question at a unique international online conference "Life after death. Fiction and Facts".
Does reincarnation exist?
Is a human being information?
Where is our memory stored?
How the memory of past lives is explained?
What is subpersonality?
Who benefits from hiding facts about a person's after-death fate?
Where is Heaven and hell? How does physics explain this?
The Prophets knew the truth about the after-death fate of a human! What does science say about it?
Does the after-death fate depend on us?
What do we know about Soul and Personality?
How to build a society where there will be no manipulation of the fundamental knowledge?
For already 6,000 years, people have been searching for answers to these questions. The after-death fate is a fundamental topic of all religions. Each of us has wondered about it, and it is time to learn the truth.
This conference is the next step after the conference "Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of" which was held on March 20, 2021.
Death is not the end. We have the right to know the Truth!