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Creative society is a model of society which is being built today by people themselves. The implementation of this model is possible only with participation of every person in this process. Therefore, it is necessary to find out whether everyone wants to live in a creative society, and how we, residents of planet Earth, envisage it. In order to find out the common opinion of all humankind, people from all over the world initiated an international public survey as a part of the Creative Society project based on the ALLATRA IPM platform.

People in different countries are actively supporting the idea of a creative society, expressing their vision and ideas and inquiring about the opinion of others. In order to have a complete picture of how we envisage this society, we would like to hear your opinion.

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How to join?

To join this initiative is very easy:
Share your opinion in a short video or message on your social media pages, blogs or in other media.
Conduct a verbal or video survey among your friends and acquaintances in person or online and post it on the Internet with the consent of all participants.
Initiate a flash mob of public surveys in various social media.
Use hashtags:


How do you envisage a society where you would feel happy, where you, your loved ones and everyone in the world would live comfortably?
How do you envisage healthcare and education in a society where every person is happy? How should these spheres function?
What social assistance and work conditions should look like in order for people to grow, fully show their abilities, best qualities and potential?
How important do you think it is to find out how people envisage a creative society; whether they want to live in such a society, and how important it is to raise such questions during conversations with other people?
If the idea of a creative society is close to you, then, in your opinion, what is necessary to do in order to inform as many people as possible?
Create and unite!
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* What is a public survey?
Public survey is a form of public opinion poll. We do not collect data. The goal is to inform people and engage the world community in the discussion of the topic related to a creative society. Surveys are done by ordinary people and publicly available on this resource.