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Open International Online Forum
November 12, 2022
15:00 (GMT)


It will improve your life. Join the Forum!
Without exaggeration, this is the largest event in the world! The first and only event with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. It is organized thanks to unification of volunteers from 180 countries on the independent platform of the Creative Society Project.
It will be broadcast live on YouTube, social and media platforms, TV, and radio stations around the world! What is impossible for the world's largest organizations to do — we make it a reality. This is the 8th global Forum initiated and implemented by volunteers.
global conferences held
languages of simultaneous interpreting
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We invite you to participate in our new upcoming forum "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out", which will take place on April 22, 2023.

If you would like to join its preparation, become a volunteer, or ask a question, please email us at [email protected] or fill out this contact form.


  • For the first time you will learn about the causes, consequences, and solutions to the major problems of our time
  • Prospects of development for each of us possible here and now
  • The economy for noneconomists: forecasts for business, innovations, and the labor market
  • In simple words about the modern technology that can significantly improve healthcare, education, and science, as well as make them accessible to everyone
  • Systems that can eradicate corruption, crime, and save from natural disasters
  • You will discover where the untapped resources are that will be able to provide water to everyone who suffers from drought, feed every person who goes hungry, and restore the ecology of the planet
  • You will get to the bottom of the basic principles and mechanisms of the new format of society with the help of both macroeconomic and everyday examples
  • Uncertainty and instability: is this what you strive for? Experts from different fields will offer solutions based on technology and resources already available to humanity
Take a chance to change your life and the future of your children! It's up to you to decide, because the responsibility lies with everyone of us.


“The world is becoming too complicated for democracy to work. Dictatorship does not work either. We need a new system. We need chapters of Сreative Society in every country. Creative Society has to take all the millions of people and organize them.”
Ichak Adizes
Israeli and American writer, business consultant
Ichak Adizes
“Think creatively and exchange ideas about social issues. I think that's something we really need in today's society, because there's a lot of polarization.”
Dorien Rookmaker
Politician, non-attached Member of the European Parliament, member of the Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN)
Dorien Rookmaker
“We need to move beyond the narrow definition of individual and national self-interest and think creatively about how to solve the pressing problems that threaten our future and the future of the planet. We need a more creative society.”
Robert Kennedy
PhD in Political Science, President of the Atlanta Council on International Relations
Robert Kennedy
“We have to start making friends around the world, regardless of their nation and culture.”
Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen
H.I.R.H. Archduchess Herta
Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen
“This is a global economic system that consumes itself into extinction. It's a very destructive system. In short, it's based on the goal of maximizing short-term profits regardless of the social and environmental costs.”
John Perkins
New York Times Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Activist
John Perkins
“We are in a crisis. And it's only truth that's going to get us out of this. So the fact that the truth will lead us naturally to a Creative Society is the path out of this, and I'm honored to be a part of it.”
Foster Gamble
Researcher, Co-Writer, Visual Designer of the documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes
Foster Gamble
“These climate changes will induce and provoke economic and geopolitical crises that we must all cope with together. Humanity has never before faced a crisis of such magnitude. It is time for all of us to mobilize in order to solve this problem. We have carefully studied the Creative Society initiative and fully support it.”
Edgar Brandt
Vice President JPMorgan
Edgar Brandt
“I found out about the creative world as opposed to the materialistic capital world. It’s always been very close to my heart. Because we all want to be a part of a perfect world.”
Sheyla Bonnick
Leading singer of Boney M.
Sheyla Bonnick
“The impacts of climate change is no longer a prediction — it is already here! Time for action is now — please do not wait until it is too late!”
Pohiva Tuionetoa
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga
Pohiva Tuionetoa
“We can put an end to the society of destruction and build a society of creation only if we unite the efforts of all the peoples of the world.”
Alisher Mukhamedov
Current member of the International Association of Prosecutors in The Hague
Alisher Mukhamedov