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About Event

About Event

On August 31, 2019, an online conference of a new format "GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE" was held on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. The topic of this event was "LIMITATION OF CAPITAL".

  • Why is there an extreme impoverishment of some people and an enrichment of a limited circle of other people? What is the cause of all wars on Earth? 

  • What is the capitalization and what is the harmfulness of unlimited capital accumulation for both the individual and for society as a whole? 

  • Who and when substituted the desire for inner happiness and freedom with the unlimited accumulation of money?

  • What are the advantages of capital restriction? 

  • Practical ways out of this situation.

The conference is based on the information presented on the final pages of the book "AllatRa" and programs with the participation of I. M. Danilov, specifically: "THE PRECEDENT" and "THE CHANCE ON THE VERGE"; and points of view expressed by the people themselves at international conferences "SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE" held on May 11, 2019, and "FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!" held on June 22, 2019, which took place on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. 

The conferences were attended by people from more than 140 countries, where together people raised pressing issues of society.

The specific of the "GAME OF PROFESSIONALS" project is that it allows participants to express alternative views on what is happening in the world without risk to their reputation. 

The participants of this project, on the basis of information available to all people, analyze what capitalization is, what is the absurdity of unlimited capital accumulation, and what are the advantages of limiting capital accumulation and the practical way out of the current economic situation.

The uniqueness of the conference is that, with access to the Internet, every caring person can join the discussion from any location in the world.

The following topics were raised at this event:

  • What is capitalization?

  • What are the consequences of unlimited capital accumulation?

  • Why do we need to limit personal capital? 

  • What are the benefits of limiting capital to society and each individual?

Today, every indifferent person has the opportunity to join the online conferences "GAME OF PROFESSIONALS", which take place on the platform of ALLATRA TV, in order to take part in the formation of a creative society

After all, today all of humanity and every person is faced with a choice and the future of our society depends on our actions!