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International online conference “Creative Society. United We Can”

December 20, 2020 is a turning point in human history.
On this day, the message that we, the people, are ready to act to build a safe, humane, and happy society, swept around the world with a creative wave!
A society that we are not ashamed to leave to our children.
Each of us wants peace and good for all people and we are ready to take responsibility to build such a world.

The international online conference “Creative Society. United We Can” was initiated by the participants of the ALLATRA IPM from the US and was simultaneously translated into more than 30 languages by volunteers from all over the world. Millions of people have seen and will see this grand event, as it was broadcast on thousands of channels on all social networks and online platforms of the world.

By their own example people have shown the great power of unification around one goal - building the Creative Society. It was possible to organize and hold such an event the world had never seen before only thanks to joint actions.

Alina Fedorova
Healthcare entrepreneur (Switzerland)

It's not a small talk in the kitchen anymore. We are speaking out loud to the whole world. We are too many to be silent. We don't have to ask permission to gather and to start talking.

Leslie Magnum
Participant of the Creative Society project (USA)

We have seen the reality of consumer society and we realize that it doesn't work, it's a dead end. We need to do better and this is well understood. We are in the midst of creating something that has been a long time coming 6,000 years. The Creative Society project is one of the most unique ideas that this world has ever seen.

Steve Donofrio
International speaker, trainer, coach (USA)

See, when someone says, “Oh Steve, with your Creative Society, who's behind the Creative Society?” Nobody. See, I stand next to people around the globe. I stand next to people around the world, I don't lead anybody, I don't follow anybody. I stand next to my brothers and my sisters. These are all my family - the Creative Society.

The conference denounced the consumer slave format of society that has been built over the past 6,000 years. Wars, violence, corruption, the power of the few over the millions, hunger and poverty - this is what we have come to today. They don't talk about this in the media, it is not customary to talk about it in society. But how long can we be silent watching what is happening around? After all, if evil is hushed up, then it multiplies.

Can we change that? If we were able to build a consumer society, then we can build a Creative Society. Responsibility for the life of the entire society lies on each person!

Prospects for humanity's development in a Creative Society was one of the key themes of the conference.

Using vivid examples, professionals from various fields demonstrated how life can change for each of us in the Creative Society and told about the stages of building a Creative Society.

The importance of unity of all mankind around this idea and the real steps that each person can take for our common future was emphasized.

Marina Ovtsynova
Participant of the Creative Society project (USA)

The Creative Society will give everyone equal rights and unlimited opportunities for self-fulfillment. It will restore all of our benefits and provide us and our children with safety and a full social package. Politics will, in fact, become an instrument of international communication and unification, it will promote friendship between nations. Laws in the Creative Society will guarantee the observance of the interest of each human being because they will be based on the 8 pillars of the Creative Society.

Parimal Merchant
Director of global FMB program at Jane's school of Global Management (India)

How about the world where all human beings get free food, free health, free education and a decent quality of life? How about the world where the human being is the central value - nothing is above the human being, no human being is below another? It means power, state, police, army, religion - all at the service of the human being and not above the human being. And at the same time all human beings are respecting equality.

Diana Oleynik
Psychotherapist (Ukraine)

A consumerist society is a society dominated by fear, a condition for the formation of helplessness, while a Creative Society is a condition of love and support, a condition in which everything and everyone works out. What will we choose: love or fear? When choosing fear, a person does not act. When choosing love - love for oneself, for one's children, for close people, for people around - a person acts.

This conference was the beginning of change. A wave of creative action is rising from people all over the world, and it depends only on us how quickly our common goal is achieved.

Dear friends, now we have a unique opportunity to build a Creative Society. To do this, everyone on the planet needs to learn about this initiative and make a choice. Let's together inform all our friends and acquaintances about the Creative Society, using personal communication at the meeting, contacts in the phone book, social networks, websites, YouTube channels and other ways of informing. Now it depends on each person how quickly all of humanity will be informed!

Olga Simpson
Participant of the Creative Society project (USA)

And thanks to active participants of the project, people finally have a choice in what kind of society they want to live in - a consumer or creative one? Because, when you don't know what the Creative Society is, how can you choose between those two societies? And the most interesting thing is that many of the people said that they had dreamed about such a society all their life and they're ready to act.

Jason Bell
Participant of the Creative Society project (USA)

But if we work together, we can build a creative society in a short amount of time. It won't take long. There's so many people gathered here today!

Kate Cherkasova
Participant of the Creative Society project (USA)

So let's say one person is going to notify five, and these five on its end they're going to notify another five, so it's already 25. These 25 can already talk about it to a 125. And using geometric sequence, we can come up with the number of how many days and it's a little over 14 days! Just imagine 14 days is going to be enough to notify the whole humanity and they all will know about Creative Society!

Parimal Merchant
Director of global FMB program at Jane's school of Global Management (India)

I took my phone book. I was surprised that I have more than 800 people in my phone book. I started sending them a message. One line message. “Human life first! If you agree you can check further.” That's it. Second week I sent another message. “Human safety for all. If you like, if you agree we can chat further.” Like this. Eight weeks one after another I kept on sending all the proposals to the Creative Society of building a more humane world. Many of them are rewarded, many of them will reward in the future. But I was so happy that I am really contributing to building a better world. Let us join hands in creating humanized Earth and Creative Society! Thank you!

At the conference, people from all over the world expressed their determination to build together a Creative Society free of the system of consumeristic mindsets. Anyone can join the project and take part in it by clicking on the “Join” button and filling out the form, as well as sharing information about the Creative Society.